Ana Banana has been blogging for some time. She has slowly but surely improved her photography skills over time and she has always praised her great writing abilities and the fact that she was an incredible storyteller. This gives her confidence to want to work with brands but so far, all the proposals she got were questionable jewelry brands who sent her a DM to her Instagram page, even though she has put her email in her bio.

She doesn’t understand why no one wants to work with her after so many months of blogging.

She is doing everything right: her Instagram feed is looking sharp, she has a decent amount of followers, and she is consistent with her posting.

One day she decides something has to change! Ana Banana finally clusters the courage to pitch a brand and ask for a collaboration, but she is lost towards where to start. For that matter, she has no idea how to find the right contact or what to even write to that person. She googles an email template and is happy to find a free one available. She excitedly rewords it to make it sound more natural with her own proposal. She then goes to the brand’s website and is happy to see a contact email hidden in their page footer.

‘’This is it!’’ Ana Banana thinks to herself. ‘’I am so excited that I will start working with brands’’

Ana Banana hesitates for a bit. She feels self-conscious about the stranger on the other end who will be receiving her email. ‘’Ughhh, he will never take me seriously’’ she whines to herself.

After a few more minutes, she finally masters the courage to presses send. The adrenaline is now running in her veins. ‘’It is now a matter of time’’ she thinks to herself while relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine, congratulating herself for taking this step.

What happens next?


Day after day, Ana Banana checks her email inbox to be received by some other Blogger’s newsletter and she can’t understand what went wrong.

‘’Clearly, this isn’t for me’’ Ana Banana thinks to herself. ‘’I knew I wasn’t ready. No one takes me seriously being so new to this. Maybe after a few more years, or when I reach around 50k followers it will get easier’’


While I have not seen what Ana Banana wrote in her pitch, only from the small story above I can already identify thousands of things that Ana Banana could have done differently.

If any little aspect of the story hits you in the soft spot, don’t worry. In my upcoming eBook, I cover exactly how to turn this situation into a happy one and how you can master your own collaborations effortlessly.

Let’s do this!



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